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3 startups have just joined CTIC Dakar/ICT Incubator as part of the incubation program designed to promote and develop high-potential ICT companies by supporting them at an early stage of their development. The incubator offers hosting, business development and accounting management services for ICT companies already created and seeking to boost their growth in Senegal and West Africa:

Black Star Technology
Black Star Technologies is a digital services company specializing in the integration of solutions in the following areas: smart card solutions, biometrics, electronic banking and telecom solutions. Black Star Technologies’ major asset is its ability to combine these different technologies to provide a unique global solution to a specific problem.

Bayseddo 2.0
Platform that connects farmers who have land and are in need of financing with individuals who want to invest in agriculture, by buying agricultural actions of limited duration. Bayseddo monitors this partnership and manages the operations for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

A startup specializing in software engineering, web and mobile application development and digital transformation, whose main objective is to “Make technological innovations accessible to all” by offering tailor-made solutions adapted to real local needs while supporting SMEs in their digital transformation process.