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For their progress over the past month, their remarkable contributions to the Jambar Tech Lab 2nd cohort program to which they belong, CTIC decided to highlight 2 entrepreneurs, who are already successful startups: Délices de femmes from the one who was a job-trotter before finding her way with her own box, Coumba Léye Diop, CEO of Délices de femmes and Abdoulaye Faye, founder of Nopale.

 Entrepreneur profile : Nopale

My name is Abdoulaye Faye, I am 22 years old, passionate since my early childhood about the digital universe, particularly the profound digital transformation of societies. This led me to join the first cohort of web development training at Sonatel Academy. Laureate of Jambar Tech lab and finalist of “Jeunes 3E Senegalese”, a television show dedicated to young entrepreneurs and their projects, my biggest dream is to be like my reference, Omar Cissé, CEO of  Intouch.


 SOLUTION presentation: Nopalé

My team and I have developed a digital payment solution for Senegal’s university campuses, particularly for restaurant meal tickets’ payments. As of matter of fact, our solution provides the student with an NFC payment card called NOPALE, which allows the student to automatically pay for his or her restoration by passing through our smart readers. Also the solution allows him to recharge his card by cash or via the means of money transfers: the mobile money. Better still, our offer allows any tutor or parent anywhere in the world to be able to feed a student’s NOPALE card via their bank card from our NOPALE web platform. The implementation of this system allows COUD & CROUS (divisions dealing with students’ housing and food in St-Louis and Dakar) service providers to perform intelligent collection management, cash flow at the checkout, queue management and expense analysis.

How has the JTL program benefited you so far?

The support of the JTL program has not only enabled me as a team leader to equip myself through coaching and training sessions, to better tailor my project, to facilitate our access to a digital space but above all to network with experts and startupers who have allowed us to better understand the digital economy of our country.

Entrepreneur profile : Délices de Femmes

Behind Délices de femmes is a mother who loves nature and is passionate about artisanal cosmetics. Coumba Lèye Diop grew up with a mother working as a plant biologist, who has always favoured the use of plants and natural medecines. Coumba was therefore immersed in this environment at an early age, which stimulated her passion and sharpened her curiosity. Five years ago, she discovered, through her research, artisanal cosmetics and cold soap making. It did not take much longer for the “nature addict” than she already was to get started and start making soaps for her own care. From the soap factory she switched to homemade cosmetics for her personal use and those around her.

Graduated in Business Administration and endowed with a degree in English and a certificate in translation, she decided to devote herself entirely to her passion for natural products and to follow a training course culminating in a certification at DRHUMANA in artisanal cosmetics to perfect her skills and validate her knowledge.

 Presentation of the solution

Délices de femmes is above all the story of a passion, that of nature and plants. In addition to this passion, there is a love of the countless resources that Senegal and Africa have to offer. Resources that are not well known and which, however, are the ones that correspond most to us because at Délices de Femmes, we are convinced that the best for a people grows on its territory. In addition to this combination, there is the desire to offer an African brand composed of products made from natural and above all local ingredients. Our challenge is to enhance your beauty with products from our region.

Délices de Femmes is also the desire to promote and enhance our local products. We bring them out of the shadows and make them accessible to the people.


 Correlation of the solution with the digital

Every woman is UNIQUE! However, its natural beauty has many facets that deserve to be revealed. Because a woman is also a wife and a mother, Délices de Femmes meets the needs of all women who want to enhance their natural beauty, take care of their body, their spouse, their children and their family cocoon with healthy and natural products. And because we live in a world where everything goes very fast and there is not even enough time to go shopping in stores, we make all these home-made and natural products available to them on a fully dedicated platform.

 How has the support of the JTL program been beneficial to you so far?

First of all, I would like to thank ICTC for this initiative and especially for its commitment to local know-how. You know, the entrepreneur is a very lonely person and the JTL program has allowed me to get out of this loneliness by meeting great people who have already helped me re-evaluate my business model. Within the program, both with colleagues and mentors, it is a constant exchange and it gives me a new perspective on my company. Mentoring has also allowed me to achieve in record time crucial steps in the implementation of my business strategy and I think that by the end of the Délices de femmes program will be even better equipped to achieve its vision and implement its mission.