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On Friday, August 17 th , CTIC Dakar organized a one-day long hackathon to select the projects to join the fintech cohort of its program BuntuTeki ADA / CTIC, an acceleration program in partenership with association ADA from Luxemburg.

This program is implemented with a co-funding from the Luxembourg organization ADA (Appui Au Développement Communautaire, namely community development support). It will lextend over six months with the solutions final launch of accompanied startups. This hackathon brought together some twenty young people (students and young professionals) who came to use their talent and their know-how. As such, they have formed four teams that have worked to propose innovative ideas in the field of digital finance and financial inclusion.

After a day of working on their projects under mentors' supervision, the teams presented their projects to the jury who gave their assessment. At the end of the pitches, the following startups were selected to join the fintech cohort of the ADA / CTIC program: Jotalika, Batipay and MicroAssurances.

ADA/CTIC Buntuteki program also includes stratups in the field of E-Tourism and E-Health.