Our model

Building a financially viableincubatormodel

Although it is a non-profit association, CTIC Dakar’s ambition is to build a financially viable incubator model in order to progressively become independent from donors. In order to do so, CTIC Dakar is remunerated on the basis of a percentage of the turnover growth of the companies it supports in its incubation program.

In other words, we share the success and failure of our companies: if they do not grow, they do not pay!

Other commercial services are also offered by CTIC Dakar in order to balance its model. These include training and certification, the organization of ICT events and business competitions, incubation consultancy and for the launching of an incubator.

A set of a la carte services is also available for ICT companies that do not wish to benefit from the full range of incubation services: business development, fundraising, accounting management, lobbying, response to call for tenders, etc.

Public-private partnership model

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