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“Mohamed Diallo, CEO of BY Filling and Coumba LEYE Diop, CEO of Délices de Femmes: Now Equaling their mentor Amadou Diaw (ISM), in charisma, passion and entrepreneurial vision.

ConneCTIC, CTIC empowerment networking talk event for entrepreneurs in the ICT ecosystem, took place on Thursday 27 September with speakers Mohamed Diallo, CEO of By Filling and Coumba Leye Diop, CEO of “Délices de Femmes” and laureate of the 2nd cohort of the Jambar Tech Lab programme, currently implemented by CTIC Dakar until the end of December, as speakers, with funding from Infodev (World Bank Group).

Our two “ConneCTIC-speakers” had to review their motivations to undertake, the vision they have for their companies and the actions taken to achieve their objectives. Mohamed retraced his steps to evoke the necessary endurance that the entrepreneur must have. Indeed, to earn the title of entrepreneur, you need to know how to learn from your mistakes and get back on your feet to achieve your vision. For Coumba Leye Diop, launching into the manufacture of her homemade products was a way of freeing herself from the constraints of the employee’s life, which did not suit her.

The importance of human resources within companies was highlighted. On this subject, Mouhamed Diallo states that the worst thing for a company manager is to lose a competent employee, which encourages a profound questioning of the company’s manager.

Among the reactions, the public was interested in the choice of collaborators in a startup in the following terms: “Is it better to recruit someone you’ve known for years? “referring to the By Filling case.

For speakers, entrepreneurship is also a question of passion and self-sacrifice, which Mohamed Diallo translates as follows: “Entrepreneurship is like a sport, its difference to sport is that it is a race that never ends! ».

You also have to know how to celebrate your victories. For Coumba Leye Diop, “the best part of my life as an entrepreneur was the launch of the “Délices De Femmes” shop with all the shelves filled with my products”.

Being an entrepreneur is knowing how to move forward” “The best is in By Filling’s slogan, which means moving forward but also seeing the people you work with grow up”. Being an entrepreneur is also about constantly learning. In this respect, Mohamed DIALLO sees “reading as food for the entrepreneur’s mind”.

Turning to advice for young startups, the speaker highlighted the singularity of entrepreneurs’ careers but stressed the high sense of responsibility and serenity in any situation.

Responding to the moderator’s question on the prospects, Mohamed stated that within 3 to 5 years By Filling’s objective is to be a major inbound marketing firm present in several countries”, a noble ambition shared by Délices de femmes, which intends to diversify and conquer a new markets because, in the end, “the strategy of a newly born company is survival! »

The exchanges went well until 8pm, followed by a networking cocktail in a warm atmosphere.

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