Call for applications : Startups Bakk Arena

CTIC Dakar is launching a call for applications for the participation of start-ups from all fields in our Startups Bakk Arena competition, organised in partnership with SONATEL group.
The first event of its kind, marked by the seal of innovation, Startups Bakk Arena aims to offer startups in the entrepreneurial ecosystem a framework for expression and a forum for communication on their projects. 
As such, CTIC invites all startuppers with innovative digital solutions to apply and participate in this competition, which will be held on November, 29th  2018 from 4pm to 6pm in a new setting and format, the courtyard of the CTIC Dakar incubator. 
The concept, inspired by traditional Senegalese wrestling and named after the challenges that precede the wrestlers’ confrontation, aims to celebrate adversity by the force of ideas and projects that will be presented in order to enhance our ecosystem startups’ merits. 

The competition, open to all startups in the ecosystem, will be rewarded with two awards, one for each category:

  • A prize of 600,000 CFA francs for the winner chosen from among the startups at a mature stage of development
  • A prize of 200,000 CFA francs for the winner selected from among the early stage start-ups.
So you can register your startup in one of our two categories: 
  • Startups at a mature stage of evolution (with a minimum viable product)
  • Early stage Startups (advanced project idea with existence of an innovative solution)
Your team will be composed of four people, who will share aspects of the project or solution to be pitched, according to a presentation framework you have chosen. This framework can be, for example, as follows: problem identified and targets – proposed solution and its innovative aspect / business model / project team and resources. 
Startups wishing to apply are invited to send an email before November 19th 2018 to :
  • A pitch deck
  • The composition of your team (4 people)
  • Photos of your team members

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